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boris johnson new viisa rules post brexit


After the dissolution of the Post-Study Work Visa (PSW) in the year 2012 by Theresa May, the scheme will return in the year 2020.

International students studying at a University in the United Kingdom who graduate with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree will be able to work in the United Kingdom for Two years. Currently, students have only Four months to stay in the United Kingdom after completing of their degree, which is inadequate time to attain sponsorship in the United Kingdom.

Boris Johnson the United Kingdom Prime Minister stated – the modification would witness international students “unlock their potential” and start their careers in the United Kingdom.


This is good news for Tier 4 Students and mutually great for the United Kingdom as it will aid hold gifted international students by providing them a chance to look for appropriate employment and adding to the United Kingdom’s economy.

The United Kingdom government’s declaration overlaps with the inauguration of a £200m genetics project at the United Kingdom Biobank, a charity and health resource that holds data and trials from 500,000 people. The United Kingdom Prime Minister further stated that “ventures of this sort would not be achievable without being open to the smartest and the elite from all over the world to study and seek employment in the United Kingdom. That is why we are revealing a new path for international students to reveal their ability and commence their professions in the United Kingdom.”

United Kingdom had a “proud history” of being at the hub of international association, he further stated that, “bringing together specialists from all over the world to seek employment in the United Kingdom on the world’s biggest genetics research project”

Furthermore, it has been stated that there will be no limit on numbers under Post Study Work Visa route and international students will be able to apply for jobs irrespective of their skill sets or subject of study.


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