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Hundreds of thousands of kids might convert into ‘undocumented immigrants’ as the government’s severely – blasted European Union settlement scheme. As legislators fight to discover a solution for the Brexit disasters, there are threats that Minsters of Parliament are deliberately disregarding the dilemma of defenseless children.

Human rights attorney Sailesh Mehta stated: ‘Given the measure of unskillfulness we have observed in our elected administrators in the few days, there is petite assurance this plan will run efficiently.

‘There may well be countless kids who, for aims not of their commanding, will be unsuccessful to register and turn out to be “undocumented” and deprived of legal status.’ Currently, there are more than 850,000 European Union national kids residing in the United Kingdom with around 280,000 having been native in the United Kingdom.

Every child– even infants– will have to demonstrate they possess the right to remain in the United Kingdom post Brexit. Every child will be dependent on a grownup making an effective application on their behalf. Nevertheless, the new pilot scheme exposed that in over 19% of cases, the kid did not have the required credentials to verify that they could reside in the United Kingdom.


Majority of the cases obligated thorough immigration information that only a solicitor might specify. And, outrageously, it was found that the authorities has not kept a documentation of how many European Union Kids are in custody or staying away from a liable adult.

Coram, Kamena Dorling, Head of policy at children’s legal charity stated: ‘Countless European Union citizens national kids and young individuals, who have grown up in the United Kingdom, are at danger of turning into a “Second Windrush” generation. ‘They might not be able to get employment, open a bank account or drive a vehicle and in fact banned from school, college, university and minor healthcare.’

Due to Brexit, an assessed 3,500,000 European Union nationals will have to register to reside in the United Kingdom. Unable to do so by the end of 2020, indicates those who have resided, worked and gave taxes in the United Kingdom will abruptly become illegal in the eyes of the Home Office.

The authorities has featured the registration method is ‘easy and modernized’ but experts states that it has been created with labor force in mind. Those with no regular tax histories – such as the retired, self-employed and children – are further at jeopardy of difficulties. The Home Office has confessed that 15 to 25 per cent of all applicants will be at risk.

This signifies that out of over 880,000 European Union children in the United Kingdom – more than 175,000 may be left in legal dispute.

The Home Office stated that they were offering an added £9 million in subsidy for European Union nationals to apply to the settlement scheme. The Home Office further stated that they had worked with the Department for Education to make sure all European Union kids in care would be looked after and applications submitted on their behalf.

Furthermore a Home Office representative confirmed ‘no-one will be left behind.’


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