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The UK Home Office has given New Asylum Accommodation and Support Services Contracts (AASC) following a direct and rational procurement process.

The new Asylum Accommodation and Support Services Contracts (AASC), which were created following arrangement with local establishments, probable sources and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), have been granted recently, following a direct and rational procurement process.


The recent agreements suggest a variety of enhancements, with a precise emphasis on helping people through the asylum system. They will make sure that helpless asylum seekers have approach to the assistance they require and set distinct obligations on the level and state of accommodation.


In the new agreements, providers will be obligated to have practical maintenance strategies, to ensure that they frequently review properties and inform the Home Office on the conclusions of these reviews. When problems are found, providers will be supposedly solve them within set time span.

The Home Office officially granted agreements to the following providers:


Wales: Clearsprings Ready Homes

North East, Yorkshire and Humberside: Mears Group

Northern Ireland: Mears Group

Scotland: Mears Group

North West: Serco

Midlands and East of England: Serco

South: Clearsprings Ready Homes


Migrant Help have also been granted the agreement for the Advice, Issue Reporting and Eligibility Assistance services (AIRE), which will be a solely incorporated and national service for asylum seekers.

The AIRE service will offer guidance and assistance to facility consumers on the asylum process, their privileges and flagging discrete facilities.


It will also deliver asylum seekers with a single point of interaction, free from the lodging providers and the Home Office, to register concerns.


Caroline Nokes, the United Kingdom Immigration Minister stated:


The United Kingdom has an honored antiquity of offering shield to those who require and these new agreements will ensure that asylum seekers are dealt with respectfulness and regarded in harmless, protected and appropriate lodging.


They will provide sympathetic backing via a new unified service and make the asylum procedure friendlier and easier to cross.


We referred widely with local establishments and NGOs to ensure that the agreements not only safeguard helpless asylum seekers but also provide value for money for the taxpayer.

The agreements also necessitate lodging providers to progress and uphold rigorous working associations with local establishments, and incorporate the requirement to refer and communicate with them on the site of properties in the region.


The AASC agreements, which will substitute the current COMPASS agreements, have an estimated worth of £4 billion and are for 10 years.


The new agreements will begin in September 2019 and the Home Office will carry on working thoroughly with the new providers, COMPASS providers and local establishments to make sure an easy changeover.

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