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It is expected that total employment in the United Kingdom will increase as Government Lessens Shortage Occupation List Conditions

The Shortage Occupation List (“SOL”) is a listing which assigns positions where there are not sufficient resident workers to pile up openings in the United Kingdom. At present, employers employing for these positions do not have to execute the Resident Labour Market Test (“RLMT”) before they provide the position to a non-EU resident.

The Migration Advisory Committee (“MAC”) are presently evaluating the SOL, which was previously revised in the year 2013. The MAC have long – established that the present SOL may be prolonged to involve Health professions as well as engineering, science, digital and IT, Education, Artistic and creative, skilled chefs and architects.

The development of this listing proposes that overall employment will surge from 1% to approximately 9%. These modifications will influence many establishments, provided that Brexit is sneaking up on us all, and the termination of European Union free movement will consequently restrict the supply of European Union workforces. Due to this reason, syndicates are presently looking to hire international workers under the Points Based System.

Appointing under the SOL permits companies not only to be excused from the RLMT but also to be relieved from the minimum salary threshold that the migrant is anticipated to meet if they were to ultimately settle in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, visa fees are lower and Shortage Occupation List roles are given primacy allocation in the occasion that the cap limit is met.

At present, no official date has been stipulated for when this new Shortage Occupation List will take effect, even though this is prone to be verified in the next Statement of Changes to the Immigration Rules to be delivered by the UK Home Office.

To know more subscribe now for more information! There will be numerous modifications due to the new immigration processes that the recently selected Prime Minister, Boris Johnson plans to execute after Brexit.

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