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Millions Application received under The EU Settlement Scheme


The EUROPEAN UNION Settlement Scheme (“the Scheme”) permits European Union, European Economic Area and Swiss citizens (and their family members) to apply to reside in the UNITED KINGDOM after the UNITED KINGDOM leaves the European Union. The European Economic Area comprises citizens from the EUROPEAN UNION countries alongside citizens of Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway. The public beta testing stage of the Scheme was initially commenced on 28 August 2018 in order to get ready for the public launch on 30 March 2019.

On 18 July 2019, the UK Home Office published the third trial statistic report, which exposed data from the date the scheme commenced for examination, 28 August 2018, up to and counting 30 June 2019.


The figures demonstrate that largely, the total amount of applications accepted in this phase was approximately 909,000. Of these, around 809,500 have been resolved, and of the decided applications, over 70% of applicants attained settled status, with 45% acquiring pre-settled status. Just over 115,000 applications were collected in June solo.

The greater part of applications have been entertained in England, with Scotland receiving the second most number of applications trailed by Wales and then Northern Ireland.

Since 30 June 2019, 155,500 applications had been submitted by Polish nationals, the greatest from any country, shadowed by Romania (129,400), Italy (106,900), Portugal (81,100) with Spain in fifth place (61,000). The smallest number of applications have been obtained from Luxembourg (210), Slovenia (890), Ireland (1,290), Malta (1,510) and Croatia (1,890).


The complete data can be found on our website.


Sajid Javid, then Home Secretary, mentioned: “I am so satisfied we have had around 1,000,000 applications to the EUROPEAN UNION Settlement Scheme.


“In just a few short months, hundreds of thousands of EUROPEAN UNION nationals and their families – our well-wishers and neighbours – have assured their rights.


“This is eminent improvement but we have more to do. EUROPEAN UNION nationals and their families have up until 31 December 2020 to apply and we want no one to be left behind”.

The time limit to apply for settled or pre-settled status differs on whether the UNITED KINGDOM exits the EUROPEAN UNION with or without a deal. If the UNITED KINGDOM exits with no a deal, the time limit to apply will be 30 December 2020 and any European Economic Area citizen applicant should have been living in the UNITED KINGDOM before this date. If, on the other hand, a deal is touched, the time limit will be 30 June 2021. Candidates may well be able to apply for settled status if they have been residing in the UNITED KINGDOM  for a non-stop 5 year period, if not, they must apply for pre-settled status. Applying on the scheme is free of cost.




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