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boris johnson new viisa rules post brexit



Metropolitan police would like to reinforce the rule of disclosing victims of crime information with UK Visa and Immigration authorities.


Scotland Yard has summarised a new strategy that will recommence the highly provocative practice of forwarding data on victims of lawbreaking – comprising domestic and sexual violence violations – to the UK Visa and Immigration division at the Home Office. After a legal proceeding in 2018, a prior agreement between the police and the Home Office was terminated.

At the time of the verdict, approved by police chiefs in England and Wales, police officers were banned from accessing the police national database just to observe if an individual had leave to remain in the United Kingdom, and then forwarding that information to United Kingdom visa authorities.


New policy outlined which may lead to deportation of illegal immigrants

Nevertheless, it’s known that a new rule has been defined with a view to reviving the notorious measure, with new rules published that is very much comparable to the prior policy that terminated last year.

The proposal to resuscitate the argumentative measure has been greeted with a new legal dispute by a domestic abuse victim and Southall Black Sisters, represented by the human rights group, Liberty.

The lawful trial was initiated in an attempt to prevent police from giving out information about people supposedly in the United Kingdom unlawfully with deportation authorities, if they are victims or witnesses of an offence.

Those demanding the practice state that the battle against crime, along with community wellbeing, is severely dented if alleged illegal immigrants are handed over after stepping forward as a victim of, or witness to, a crime. Similarly, it can also mean people will not step forward and face being exposed to non-stop abuse or forced to do felonies.

The Metropolitan Police’s new guidelines mentions that: “Where police are inspecting a crime, and during that inquiry, whether on the initial statement or afterwards, it becomes obvious that the victim/witness is also believed of being an illegal immigrant, it is completely fine that the police officer in that investigate must link up with the immigration enforcement.”



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