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It was found that Immigration Officer Jaspreet Kaur commanded £2,500 from a possible deportee after wrongly informing him that she had made it possible to have him bailed.

A dishonest immigration officer is imprisoned for make an effort to obtain money by threat from an Indian citizen who was waiting for deportation from the United Kingdom.


Jaspreet Kaur was sent to prison for over three years once she accepted that she demanded £2,500 from an illegal migrant waiting to get deported from the United Kingdom.


The 41-year-old Immigration Officer from Romford deceptively informed the deportee that she had “pulled strings” to have him freed from Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre in March 2017.


The immigration officer also declared that if the man paid her the funds, any remaining deportation instructions against him would not be imposed, providing him 7 days to collect the money.

Once the immigration officer was under arrest in July 2017 and faced with the documented proof, Ms Kaur acknowledged it was her voice, before telling stories and attempting to assert she had been pressured by the man.


Representative from Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), Anton Allera, mentioned; Ms Kaur had ” exploited her title of power for monetary gain”.

He further added: “Corruption is destructive in any walk of life, let alone by somebody like Kaur who was engaged in extraditing illegal immigrants from the United Kingdom. We are dedicated to act against individuals who weaken belief in our public amenities and who have faith in such unethical conduct is tolerable.”


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