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boris johnson new viisa rules post brexit


OVER 1,000,000 texts to urge British Citizens to check passport validity Post Brexit

In a no deal Brexit, over a million text messages will be broadcasted to British passport holders who can be distressed by new passport validity law.

The United Kingdom Home Office will remind the passport holders who might require a renewal of their passports early.

In a no deal Brexit, new passport validity law will apply for journey to major EU nations.

The text messages sent by the UK Home Office will persuade British Passport Holders to inspect if their passport will meet these new laws to assist them with any ideas for journey to EU counties after 31 October 2019.

After a no deal Brexit there are 2 new laws that British passports holders will be required to meet to travel to majority EU countries.

1. Passengers will be obligated to maintain at least 6 months validity on their passport.

2. Any remaining months on a British passport above 10 years will not be counted for the 6 months required. A British passport should retain additional months if the passport bearer renewed their prior British passport before its expiry.

Please note that the texts messages will be sent to those British Passport holders who submitted their cell phone number when they submitted an application for their recent British passport.

Not every British Passport holder submit a cell phone number, and contact information may have varied, so even those who don’t get a text message from the UK Home Office must inspect their British passport.

Please note that it might take up to 21 days to renew a British passport, but it might get stretched if further evidence is required.

The text message prompts are feature of the United Kingdom government’s ‘Get Ready for Brexit’ movement.

Furthermore, British citizens touring the EU countries Post Brexit should consider attaining travel insurance so they are protected for healthcare, ensuring that they have the correct driving credentials and acquiring a health certificate for their domestic pet.


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