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Recently, Facebook has deleted over 10 prominent, anti-immigrant British bodies and people comprising Britain First, the British National Party, the English Defence League, and Jayda Fransens.

A Facebook representative stated that Facebook considered the outcome as it prohibits its users who “declare a vicious or repulsive mission or are occupied in acts of hatred or aggression.”


“People and administrations who circulate animosity, or violence or call for the elimination of others on the origin of who they are, have no position on Facebook”.

The associations and individuals are now banned from facebook are:

Knights Templar International and Jim Dowson.

Britain First and Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen.

National Front and Tony Martin.

The British National Party and Nick Griffin.

English Defence League and Paul Ray.

And Jack Renshaw.


Under Facebook’s ‘Dangerous Individuals & Organisations policy’ they were all banned. They will not be permitted an existence on Instagram or Facebook posts and other medium which articulates admiration or backing for them will also be forbidden.


The statement further mentioned “Our efforts against systematized animosity is in progress and we will carry on reviewing people, establishments, pages, groups and matter against our Community Standards”.

In February 2019, the Facebook prohibited English Defence League forefather Tommy Robinson from its medium revealing the notorious anti-immigration campaigner constantly ruptured Facebook’s guidelines on Hate dialogues.


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