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In United Kingdom 5% of immigrants were Asylum seekers in the year 2018. A fraction of applications are positive at the initial decision, many are victorious upon plea, and it may take ages for an asylum case to get through to its decision. At times, the United Kingdom also runs resettlement programmes to accept refugees directly from out of the United Kingdom. This video, enlightens the latest information on asylum seekers, refugees and Amnesty for Illegal Migrants.


“A person is known as a refugee, having a strong distress of being victimized for causes of ethnic group, faith, nationality, association of a specific social alliance or diplomatic belief is outside the nation of his nationality and is incapable or due to such fright, is reluctant to avail himself of the safety & security of that nation.”


United Kingdom can also offer other methods of humanitarian security, to individuals who do not meet the refugee conditions, but who the Home Office nevertheless recognizes as requiring safety, that is individuals escaping a war region.



There are various distinctive methods to measure the amount of asylum seekers in the United Kingdom. Let’s talk about the people applying for Asylum every year.

Last year, over 37,000 individuals made claims for asylum in the United Kingdom. This figure has been approximately steady since the previous 05 years and is considerably lower than in the year 2002, when the total applications hit the highest point at 102,800.


One more method is to observe at the Home Office’s governmental data, which demonstrates that there were over 87,500 asylum claims ‘in progress’ at the finish of June 2018. This includes all pending applications and claims in which the application has been declined but the asylum claimant has not so far left the United Kingdom or has obtained leave to remain via alternative route.


Another pointer is the amount of individuals getting Section 95 provision, which is a weekly pay provided to asylum seekers who are not self-sufficient.


When 2018 ended, there were over 44,000 asylum seekers getting government funding.


Asylum Applications: Success Rate


About 1 application out of every 3 asylum applications obtain a primary decision inside 12 months. An individual in quest of asylum can appeal a preliminary verdict and, if this is ineffective, can demand a judicial review. This denotes that the entire procedure can linger over a number of years.


This is why, associating the figures of grants of asylum in a year alongside the sum of applications does not provide us a precise statistic of the ‘success rate’ of asylum claims in the United Kingdom.


The Home Office has begun generating breakdown of the concluding results of asylum cases, by twelve-monthly group based on the year of first asylum application. The latest batch have an extreme quantity of ‘outcome unknown’ situations.





According to latest update, The Home Office does not possess the info about policies for an amnesty nor concerning any update on the possible consequences of such an amnesty. This is due to the fact that there are no strategies for such an amnesty.

The Government does not consider that presenting an extensive amnesty for illegal migrants desiring to legalize their immigration position would be the right method. It would compensate unlawfulness, weaken the Immigration Policies for applying for leave to enter or remain, which Legislative body has accepted, and would be unjust to those immigrants who arrive into the United Kingdom lawfully and respect immigration restrictions. It might also inspire more immigrants to try to arrive or reside in the United Kingdom unlawfully in the hopefulness that they would be regarded likewise. This supplementary threat of inspiring more illegal movement may well hypothetically jeopardize people and their loved ones by putting them in the hands of corrupt traffickers.


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