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A student should be conscious that a University is only able to offer programs which include part time in some regulated conditions or full time study, which advances to United Kingdom acknowledged qualifications, or is a program of study less than United Kingdom degree level, that includes at least 15 hours of lecture hall established study during the daytime every week.

The UK Home Office issued the guidance for Tier 4 sponsors, which states that if a Tier 4 sponsor has issued a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) to a Tier 4 general student to commence study in the United Kingdom, after they have completed a different course in the United Kingdom on Tier 4 (General), or as a student ahead of the launch of the Points-Based System (PBS), the recent degree program must signify academic advancement from the preceding course.

Ever since 26th April 2013, the doctorate extension policies permits higher education organizations to sponsor students who are at present pursuing a course heading to a PhD to reside in the United Kingdom for up to one year once their course has completed.


Students who are sponsored can apply for the doctorate extension scheme by submitting a new Tier 4 (General) application. As of 21st April 2011, all degree programs and standardized qualifications should only be accessible to migrants who can prove English language capability at level B2 or above.

Students for short term studies may also come to the United Kingdom, especially to study English language, and a good immigration solicitor will be able to guide whichever category of students on the application course.

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