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boris johnson new viisa rules post brexit


United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson is a huge support of migrant settlement and he has decided to facilitate those who have been residing in the United Kingdom illegal immigrant with good character. In his opening speech speaking in the Commons, Boris Johnson clearly said to observe the legal status of 500,000 migrants who have overstayed.


“Boris Johnson also said that an Australian styled “Points Based Immigration” system will also be initiated to entice skilled workers from all over the globe”.

He has previously covered the settlement scheme of those who does not have a visa or legal status in the United Kingdom when he was the Mayor of London. According to Boris Johnson, he never obtained a due answer from others on this initiative.

Boris further said, that rule already permits operational amnesty for such individuals. He will speak to the MAC (migration advisory committee) to take some major actions on these schemes. He is also not in the state to carry on the annual immigration cut down (at least 100,000) policy of Theresa May. He states that he is not a admirer of numbers but the value of working experts.

At present, no more information have been published from Boris Johnson’s government about the amnesty policy for the migrants. But when he was the Mayor of London, he at that period suggested that people residing in London for over 5 years, with no criminal records, could demonstrate their pldge to the community and be able to give the taxes (after attaining an appropriate legal status).

Over 160,000 asylum seekers have by now got authorization to reside in the United Kingdom even their asylum cases have been denied. They had been permitted to reside in the United Kingdom since they had been in the United Kingdom for so long it would violate their right to family life to deport them. This fresh progress will definitely assist migrants people to get either passport or a visa of the UK so that they can legally stay there and pay the taxes.


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