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An individual who has been living lawfully in the United Kingdom for 10 years can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (also known as permanent residency or settlement) to the Home Office. This is also recognized as an application under the Long Residence provisions.


To succeed, the applicant should be “continuously resident” for 10 years in the United Kingdom, in any immigration type, or a pattern of various immigration types. “Continuous residence” indicates living in the United Kingdom for a “continuous time”. For the intentions of this category, a phase will not be thought to have been interrupted where an applicant is away or outside from the UK for a time period of 6 months or less at any single time, on condition that that the applicant in question has remaining limited leave to enter or remain in the United Kingdom during their departure and arrival.


Continuous residence will have been ruined, nevertheless, not only if the applicant has surpassed the 6 month regulation mentioned above, but similarly if they have consumed more than 540 days over-all outside the United Kingdom during the complete 10-year phase. It will also be believed to have been broken in various of other conditions, that is if the individual has been found guilty of an crime and had a prison sentence, or has departed the UK and expressed a distinct intent not to return.

Furthermore, ILR under other visa categories, the applicant will have to be successful in the Life in the United Kingdom test and show proof of satisfactory English language abilities.

Family members will not be included in an application, then again they can apply to remain in the United Kingdom as the spouse or child of a settled individual if the application is positive.


This visa route is most suitable to individuals who have been living in the United Kingdom on visa categories that do not direct to ILR after 5 years, for example the Tier 4 categories, or to applicants who have been residing in the United Kingdom for 10 years in various visa types.

An individual awarded ILR under the Long Residence terms is free from immigration time limitations. They will not drop their ILR status except if they are away from the United Kingdom for more than 24 months or do a severe crime.



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